July 2, 2015

Well people of America . . . I’m going out into the field on Tuesday. Stoked!

This week I have learned a lot about a lot of things as usual. The thing I will talk about today is simplicity. Yeah, I still keep it simple as an elder – you already know it. What I have really learned this week is that the basics are the most important. There are so many things in this life and so many things that we can distort and make complicated. Life is simple until you make it complicated. We all do this, but it’s so unnecessary. Maybe this is just my perspective that I have been blessed with, and that’s why it is easier for me to see it this way, but there’s one main question we need to ask ourselves. “Do I want to be happy, or do I not want to be happy?” I believe it’s that simple. To achieve our happiness we will have to do things we don’t want to do, but we need to do them because it is what opens the gates to our happiness. One way that I have found to feel happiness is to serve others. After all, that is what I’m doing for the next two years of my life.  But I have known this for my whole life because of my parents and how they have raised me in the gospel. This gospel has brought me great joy and comfort. There are so many things that you can get caught up with and hung up on that make life complicated, but there’s no point to that. It’s really simple.


P-day Trip to the Real Madrid Futbol Stadium

This is the work of Jesus Christ. It brings hope and joy to all those who partake. It’s brought me more joy than anything else, it’s brought me more knowledge than any class or book has. Because of this gospel, I know that I can live with my family after this life. That brings me more joy and comfort than I can even describe. You can think I’m crazy and wrong and say that I have no proof … but I’m sorry that would be incorrect. I have proof, it is The Book of Mormon. If you can prove that it is wrong I will admit you’re right and we can all go on with our days, but you can’t. I know you can’t because I have read it and prayed about it and I have received confirmation from my Father in Heaven that it’s true. I know you can do the same, you don’t have to right now, but at some point in life when you feel like nothing is going right, or like you just need something more, read it.

image4 1

Real Madrid Team Bench

Contact me if you want – I’d love nothing more than to share its message with you. If you want to do it on your own, read the introduction page, then read Moroni (the last book in it) chapter 10 verses 3-5 (page 529). Try the words of those verses, if you do what it asks I know you will receive what it talks about. This also goes to people who already know it is true. You can do this to strengthen your testimony of the book as well. Like I said – it’s SIMPLE. All you need to do is ask of God.  James 1:5 “if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God” … He is listening and I know He wants you to talk to Him. He wants to help us all. All you need is a little faith (having hope for things that are not seen), ask God for an answer, and be open to feel the Spirit answer (feelings of love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness). All good things come from God.

Elder Turner

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