Heading to Vitoria, Spain

8 July 2015

So, I made it to the mission home. I’m with going to be companions with Elder Sedgwick, who is from Jon and Suzie’s Stake in Laguna Niguel, and friends with the other Turners as well.  Small, small world.  He will be my trainer and we will be serving in the Vitoria area.  Should be really great.  I get to stay in the mission home another night and then I will be catching an 8 hour bus ride to my area tomorrow. So yeeeeeeew.

Yeah – had to eat a pizza with mushrooms on it … made it thru okay … and I taught two lessons last night as well.

I love it here. The mission is awesome. I’m stoked.  ( \m/   that’s a Shaka, btw.)  I will be able to email more on Monday – that’s the new preparation day.  This IS the mission for me … I can’t even explain it.  This also is the best mission in the world … It’s truly a blessing.

Love to the family.

Elder Turner


Pictures from a travel site of Vitoria – Medieval wall in Vitoria


Calle Eduardo Dato in Vitoria



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