Always a Great Week When You’re a Missionary

20 July 2015

Heeeeeeeeey guuuuuuuys what’s uuuuup!? Yeah, it’s been another great week, but it’s always a great week as a missionary so what’s new. We’ve been seeing a ton of miracles out here, and I’ve been seeing the Lord’s hand in my life more and more every day. My companion and I get along super well – so every day is full of good times and laughs, but still a lot of hard work.

Our piso is amazing.  All four of us elders get along super well – and there are tons of classic moments. Vitoria is a beautiful place, lots of culture and interesting people. Spanish is a sick language, I love it so much.  I still can’t speak as much as I’d like to, but I definitely know a lot more than any class at Woodbridge would have taught me.

There are a lot of immigrants here from all over South America and Africa primarily. It’s very culturally diverse here and I get a taste of a lot of it every day. The Nigerians are the funniest though.  Elder Sedgwick talks to them in a Nigerian accent when they speak English so it always cracks me up. It is kind of stressful though cuz I have to learn Spanish and Nigerian English as well as all the little dialects of Spanish here in the north, Basque and Catalan.

I got to play guitar a little this week. It seems like every person knows the song “See You Again” by Wiz and they all get so stoked on it … It just reminds me of my Hale 6 boys though … #nubsquad #love.  It rained a few times this week when it was like 30 degrees (C), so it was kind of like Hawaii – it’s like I never left.

Yeah God is real, He loves and knows all of us. The Book of Mormon has the power to change your life if you let it. Baptism.

Missions are the sickest. Everything is super good here. I’m loving it. Miss you guys obviously, but I’m super content and happy here. I’m gonna start writing things down so I can remember what to email every week, so next week will be better.

Elder Turner


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