Vitoria – Week Three

27 July 2015

So, this week . . .  I got another Barce jersey, it was on sale. Pics will come.

We tracted in the pouring rain and I loved it. We sat waiting for someone to show up for a lesson by this statue in the pouring rain, and I was super happy and smiling for some reason.

There are a lot of people from South America – from Columbia, Nicaragua, Honduras, and tons of other countries.  There are also a ton of Africans here.

Elder Sedgwick and I are locals at this bar. Ironic. We have gone a few times and the guy knows our order. Two tortilla de patatas. He also gives us water with ice.  Not many people here use ice it’s quite a bother. But the pieces of tortilla and cups of water have gotten progressively bigger. He also always tells us to sit in our usual seat.  I had tortilla de patata (Spanish potato omelette) for all three meals for two days in a row, and I don’t regret it.  We buy them at the store, bring them home, cook them, and get some bread. Money.

We have run into this guy who has a turtle a few times. He is a great guy and he loves his turtle. It’s 70 years old and named Mikaela. We always stop and talk to him. I have always loved turtles so it caught my eye when I saw him standing outside with a turtle at his feet.

I’m trying to learn the piano. It is very hard – well the left hand is. I work like 30 minutes a day because that’s all I can really do. Super busy. But it’s coming. We have no one to play the piano in our ward so we just sing without one.

Last week there was this massive party or festival, where the people here celebrated their Basque roots.  Basically, all of Vitoria gathered in our area and everyone dressed in cultural clothes, drank, then bought garlic. I kid you not, there was more garlic than I will ever see in my life. People would buy a few sticks with about 30 garlic cloves on them and there was a whole street dedicated to the selling of this garlic. I guess they are really afraid of vampires here …

We have some really great investigators. They are two 18 year old boys who are super into the gospel and it’s incredible to see them learning and growing. They’re the sweetest kids. One is from Nicaragua and the other is from Columbia. We have been receiving a lot of help from Heavenly Father.

Some things I learned this week are: miracles aren’t always huge, even a tender mercy from the Lord is a miracle, and they happen daily, you can see them if you look for them. There is incredible power in faith. And the Holy Spirit is real and it can be felt by others through you, and it has the power to change lives.

The Book of Mormon is the best book ever, of course. I love it so much.

Elder Turner

0102b83294967642d27b478063d4d59540cabf9e11 With Elder Sedgwick Vitoria 1 Vitoria 2

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