There Are No Bad Days

3 August 2015

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad day because I’ve learned something from every experience I have had.” Elder L. Tom Perry lived his life by those words. He said that he never had a bad day in his life. I admire him greatly. I also have really taken those words to heart. So far on my mission, I have not had any bad days, and I don’t plan on having any. I don’t plan on having any after my mission either. I don’t know why anyone would. True, there are hard days and there are hard times in our lives. I have experienced hard times on my mission probably every day; but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s been bad. Trials, challenges, and any type of difficult times have been placed in our lives so that we may grow. It doesn’t matter so much as to what happens to you in your life, but more what you do with what happens to you. We read in Hebrews that God chastened who he loves. He also tries us so that our faith and love can grow exponentially.

One way to get through hard times is to turn to Him and do what He would do.  What would he do? He would turn outwards. He would go help people and not think of himself. I know that through helping people we can, deep inside, feel better about ourselves. When we help people we help ourselves, and we can find true joy. I know this to be true because so far on my mission it has been all about other people. That is the reason why I came out here, to help people. To help them come unto Christ. I know that the moments where I think of myself are the only times I get down, and I realize it and change my thoughts and actions to someone else and I completely forget my silly little worries and experience joy.

There are so many great people here in Spain. The culture here in Vitoria is very diverse, and I’ve mentioned before that there are people here from all over South America, Africa, Spain, as well as neighboring islands. Elder Sedgwick and I have been having some really good times, and working very hard. The Lord has been blessing us immensely and placed a lot of very good, very ready people in our path.

This week I had one super sad moment when I thought I lost my chappa (his first missionary tag). Definitely the saddest on the mish so far – but I found it later that night . . . well other elders did.

Our water heater has been broken since Tuesday so I have been showering out of a pot of boiled water everyday . . . or just washing my hair, face, etc. with the cold water.  The water is colder than the Wedge in the winter.

We went to this restaurant owned by an investigator de Mex, authentic Mexican.  Got a pic I will send after this.  Oh, btw, I have no problem eating any foods anymore – mission blessings.

Oh yeah, one more thing . . . I made a life decision with Elder Sedgwick . . . We decided and made a pact that we will be New York Knicks fans for life. We bought jerseys to seal the deal. So, any Knicks news that comes up – keep me posted.

There is power in the Book of Mormon because it is the word of God, it truly testifies of Jesus Christ, and it is the truest book on this earth. It is the key to our religion and the key to happiness. If it is true, which it is, everything else is true. Jesus is the Christ, He lives, and He is the head of this church.

Elder Turner


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