Smart Cars and Prii (yes, that is the plural form of Prius)

26 October 2015

I’m super short on time :/ so . . .

🙂 my companion and I started a game where whenever we see a Smart car or Prius we can drill each other. Super not fun, but it’s worth it because I usually see them first . . .

😦 we had a visit in a pueblo kind of far out and when we were coming back we got a flat tire, so we had to change it.  But then the guy we were with didn’t have his special tool to get the special bolt off so, we had to wait for like 30 minutes . . . haha oh well . . .

🙂 I had to translate for some African investigators who didn’t know Spanish. It went well, but it was definitely hard to listen and talk.  The Lord has been blessing us with the gift of tongues . . .

🙂 we had the chance to eat at a Dominican’s house and we had some authentic food there, abichuela, and it was boss . . .

:/ started a diet with my companion because we wanna get married when we get back so we can’t be fat . . .

🙂 I’m loving it out here. Christ lives and He leads and guides His Church through Thomas S. Monson, the true and living prophet on the earth today.

Get Buckets

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