Dance the Night Away

30 November 2015

So world, we started a new tradition here where we burn our old planners when the month is up.  I accidentally forgot to take my notes out of my old planner before we burned them and I totally forgot what I was going to say in this email – so, sorry if this is lame.  The key points that I do remember though are as follows:

🙂 We had a boss Thanksgiving dinner. Most of the zone got together and we had real American food prepared by some American couples who are here in Valencia for graduate school. It was not as good as the food that Big Nance would have made, but hey, it was definitely better than nothing.

😦 I had the scariest moment of my mission this week when I was dragged down the street and into the piso of a drunk Romanian gypsy. The dude had the firmest grip I have ever felt in my life. He put his arm around me and grabbed my shoulders then proceeded to pull me into his piso as he stuttered janky Spanish. Well, I scheduled a return visit with the guy for Sunday, needless to say we didn’t go.  (Check out Elder Moulton’s blog for more harrowing details)

🙂 We found three great women from Cameroon who are some of our new awesome investigators.

:/ Somehow, I got drafted to sing as a bass in the stake choir because there are only about 11 people in the choir.  No one here likes to sing, I guess. I’m definitely not a bass in case you were wondering.

🙂 Sunday night crepes. No words needed.

Well people – READ THE SCRIPTURES – the words written on those pages are literally God’s words to us, that His prophets have written down.

Christmas is coming!  #ASaviorIsBorn!  #HaNacidoUnSalvador

Elder Turner



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