It’s the J

14 December 2015

Well guys sorry I haven’t written for two weeks, but we were short on time last week.  Here is pretty much all you need to know:

🙂 We got a new elder here in our piso who is from England and he’s lots of fun.

😦 Apparently I have grey hairs so I’m never getting married now.

🙂 My companion, Elder Moulton, eats all of the nasty yogurt and other foods that members feed us that are super sketch for me.  #BEAST

🙂 We bought water balloons, so our piso has been a little wet lately.

Other than that everything’s the same. We are coming up on the Christmas season and we are just hoping for a white Christmas – if you know what I mean.

Something that I really noticed and liked this week are the prayers given by the little children.  There is such a special feeling and spirit when a 4 or 5 year-old says a prayer.  It is probably super natural for them because not too long ago they were living with our Heavenly Father. Pretty awesome stuff.

Love you all.  Serve someone who needs it – and we all need it!

Keep it real and get some buckets!

Elder Turner

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