Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

28 December 2015

Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Something funny that happened this week … well there was a lot due to the crazy times of Christmas and Christmas Eve. This week we did a lot of caroling. We got together as missionaries and took three nights to carol in all three of our areas. It was super great – especially getting to see a lot of different people and how stoked they got from a bunch of kids singing janky carols in both Spanish and English.  We ate at a few members’ houses and each one had their classic moments. I’d say the funniest, well one of the funniest, would for sure be our Christmas Eve dinner. We were eating together as missionaries and we were all trying super hard to eat all of the food and we kept trying to put food on each other’s plates.

This week in my studies … I finished reading the Book of Mormon again. The Book of Mormon is just too good. Highly suggest reading it to everyone. To me it is really cool how the Book of Mormon and the Bible testify of each other and together they are both working for the same result – to bring us closer to Jesus Christ Himself. So to any of you out there who think we believe in a different bible, or a different Jesus, or a different God, or worship Joseph Smith, sorry but you’re mistaken. You’ll know if you just read the Book of Mormon and ask if it is the word of God! Try it!

This week’s shout outs … go to the fam for being so cute on FaceTime, to the hale 6 boys for always keeping it real, and to my ward mission leader for dropping the hammer in one of our lessons this week.

The Elder of the Week … goes to none other than Elder Zac Parker.  Weighing in at a solid 12ish stones, this bloke from the outskirts of London is a solid keeper.  This Christmas Eve he thought it would be nice to decorate our bathroom. What you aren’t seeing in the picture below is that he put four full-size water-filled balloons in our toilet and flushed it, thus causing it to overflow all throughout our bathroom. He likes puffins, wing tips, and field hockey. In his free time, he likes to eat cucumbers by the kilo. He loves to receive pictures so hit him up at

Well after a crazy week of fiestas it is time to settle back down into some solid missionary work.  Hope you liked the new email format.  Until next time, stay chill people.


Elder Turner

(videos of the “Christmas Eve Aftermath” and “Eating FuFu” can be found in Mission Videos)









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