New Year, New Me – Right?

4 January 2016

Classic moment of the week … we were trying to get home from the other side of town on New Year’s Eve, but classic Spain – everything was closed for the festivities.  All of the metro systems were shut down, and the buses as well. We started walking home and found these bikes that you can rent. I quickly convinced everyone that it would be the best way to end the year – riding these “Valen bi si” (get it cuz Valencia – I’m in Valencia, bici –  what they call bikes, and si – as in yes … it’s clever I swear!) bikes back to our piso.  With a little resistance, we decided we were going to do it until we found out that we had to pay 13€ for a week with the bike and we couldn’t do single trips. My idea was quickly thwarted. So we continued walking and then finally got a taxi and rode that home.  Basically, that was our New Year’s Eve. It wasn’t as crazy as Christmas Eve but it was still classic.

This week in my studies … I was reminded that we all need a Savior because we all have sinned, are sinning, or will sin. It doesn’t matter if it is a large sin or a small sin, sin is sin. And God cannot look upon sin with the least degree. We know no unclean thing can dwell in the presence of God, so we can say the only way we can make it back to the presence of God to live with Him again is to be perfect. As soon as we mess up once we completely lose this opportunity of being perfect. Seeing as how we are all humans, everyone who has walked this earth, we have all messed up – all of us except Jesus Christ. This is the beauty of it though, since Jesus Christ was perfect, this qualified Him to enter into the kingdom spotless, it qualified Him to perform the single greatest even to ever occur on this earth – the atonement. He took upon Him the sins of the whole population – anyone who had, was, or would walk the earth. He paid the price. Because of His grace we don’t need to be perfect to enter into the Kingdom of God. When we make Jesus Christ our partner, we become a team. On a sports team if one player scores the whole team scores. So no matter where we are or what we score, whether it be a 1 or a 10 or even -4, Jesus Christ’s infinite goodness and infinite perfection, added with our imperfection, will always equal infinity. (In math if we added any number negative or positive to infinity it would still equal infinity). He takes what we have to offer and adds His own, with great mercy and love, thus qualifying us to attain the perfection we need to dwell with God again, with our families again, and with our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ again.

Our service of the week … this week was actually received on our part. A member invited us over to eat on New Year’s Eve and graciously fed all six of us missionaries a “traditional American meal” of fried chicken and fries. Of course. she threw in that good rice with peas and chopped up ham or something.  Whatever it was, it was amazing.  It is always a sincere treat to be invited into a friendly home and take a break from the cold hard streets of missionary work.  SO WHEREVER YOU ARE FEED THE MISSIONARIES!  ; )

Our miracle of the week … was when we saw the Lord’s hand this week while at a baptism of a woman named Enci.  She is a true miracle story and now her family wants to be baptized as well.  It’s truly amazing to see how the Lord’s hand can touch someone’s soul and change them forever.

This week’s shout outs … brought to you by Elder Moulton (see the video).

The Elder of the Week … this week goes out to Elder Heymeyer. This young buck out of Heber “the heebs” Utah likes a nice warm glass of Spanish milk, nutmegging innocent bystanders, and getting emails. In his free time he likes to go down to the local diner and order himself a nice train track burger with a classic railroad shake. He carries 19 years. Let’s just say he is the J.  Someone sponsor this young gun –


Elder Turner

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Elder Heymeyer

Elder Heymeyer

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