La Puerta

17 February 2016

Hey everyone – I’m still alive, don’t you worry. Happy Valentine’s Day.  We bought a fondue pot as well as a panini press for our piso – aka: PARTY TIME!

I got a new companion last week.  He is from Utah and he is my first companion from there. He’s way sick and has some crazy stories. There’s never a boring moment. One story he told me that still cracks me up happened when he was stationed in Thailand when he was in the army.  He had nothing to do during his free time so one day he took out some money (bat – the Thai currency) and went with some locals that would take you to the forest and let you shoot a monkey for like 45 bat. After riding on an elephant out into the forest, he shot at a monkey but he says he wasn’t sure if he hit it or not because when he looked afterwards he didn’t see anything. That might make him look super weird but I swear he’s not – hahaha. It’s going to be a fun few weeks.

Something I learned this week is that usually we cannot see how much good we do and how much we help people. Generally, we belittle ourselves and our self-worth. Whether you think you are or not, I can promise you that for somebody, you are an angel helping them get through the day.

Don’t forget to read your scriptures and say your prayers every day. The things that seem the smallest have the greatest impacts on us because they form our foundations

Shout outs this week go to my mom for being my Valentine since 1996. She hasn’t sent me a “Dear John” yet so I’m stoked!

Keep being sick everyone.  Love you all.

Later guapos!

Elder Turner

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