Santa Cruz

14 March 2016

Missionary life: I’m getting to know all of the members of this small branch out here and they’re all amazing. I’m so stoked to be here honestly. On Friday we had a branch activity and we watched Meet the Mormons (shout outs to mom and dad for sending the DVD way back when). In a branch of about 125 members there were more people at the activity than were active in the ward of over 300 I was in before. This branch is incredible. They are all excited to do missionary work because they want to become a ward. We need 23 more members to make this branch a ward and we will do it by the first of August surely. Random miracle this week was when Elder Dunn and I were walking one night.  A man yelled at us “hey boys” and signaled for us to come over to him, so we stopped and went over to him. Long story short, he was baptized five years ago in the Palma of Mallorca but moved to Vic and had been looking for the Church here for about a year.  He said that he looked it up on the Internet and everything but couldn’t find it. We gave him the address and he was excited to come to church. God puts us where we need to be when we need to be there.

Normal life: Elder Dunn and I are the only two elders out here in Vic and thankfully we have a lot in common and get along great. We are trying to find a new apartment and I think we’ve identified one, we are just waiting for President to pass it off. We cleaned this apartment and let’s just say there was a lot of junk left over from past elders. Not much more to update on normal life since it hasn’t been that long and there’s nothing to do here really, other than missionary work. It’s the exact opposite of the city life in Valencia, I’m loving it. The only problem is people here speak in Catalan to us and we swear it is just because they know we don’t know it. We talked to this guy for about five minutes before we really couldn’t understand a word he was saying so we told him we didn’t understand and he just walked away.

As far as studies go: I studied about unity this week. I came up with four relationships we need to strive to obtain unity in. I will change it a bit since I originally prepared this for our missionary district meeting and I’d like to make it more applicable for non-missionaries. First, where unity starts with us. We need to have unity with ourselves and God. We can’t bring unity anywhere unless we have it ourselves. Second, we need to have unity between us and our spouse.  With this unity we will be able to lead and guide in the correct manner. Third, we need to have unity within the family.  When we have this unity we can all do things together to improve the area in which we live and people we come into contact with. Fourth we need unity with the Church leaders and their teachings – which are the teachings of Christ. If we have unity in these relationships we will surely live better lives, and be all around happier people.

Have a good week and say your prayers! Peace and blessings your way.

Elder Turner

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