21 March 2016

Missionary life: The work is going great. We’ve got some really good people lining up and we are seeing lots of miracles as a mission. Elder Dunn and I are working hard to try and find new people to teach as well. The members here in Vic are really great and they organize a lot of activities, so we are hoping to be able to find a bunch of people from those activities. We have zone conference this next week and it should be amazing. Lots of good stuff coming up in these next weeks – the branch is coming together to make this branch into a ward. Miracles happen all the time.  Church was good. The Branch President gave a really good talk about missionary work. I translated sacrament meeting, then helped set up the computers and stuff for lessons with the t.v. We made it to class for a little and then went to priesthood and helped the Africans.

Normal life: it’s been raining a lot. I found some really sick graffiti – this guy works all day and into the night on a huge mural. It will be really cool when it’s done. We are working on getting a new apartment and it looks like we should be moving in the coming week. We went to go adventure today, but it started pouring so we ended up at Burger King and then just came back home. Dreaming of summer!

Studies:  This week I did a lot of studying about self-mastery. From what I found I concluded that the first step to self-mastery is love – to have a love for God and a love for yourself. I think that when we have this love we develop a desire to always be doing the right things in life. We learn how to control our thoughts and actions so that we begin to grow closer and closer towards mastering out very selves. We need to learn to gain control over ourselves so that we can really be the people we want to be – Christ-like people. The mind is a garden, the most fertile garden ever, so whatever we plant in our mind (thoughts and habits) are seeded immediately and begin to grow without hesitation. In order to gain mastery over self we need to have the courage to uproot the plants we don’t want so that we can replace them with the plants we do want. It’s not easy, but we all knew it wouldn’t be. The reward is far greater than the sacrifices we make. It’s never too late to change.

Elder Turner

Shout out to Elder Rusick

Shout out to Elder Rusick

Cleaning up after the previous elders

Cleaning up after the previous elders

Graffiti of the Week

Graffiti of the Week

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