Easter Weekend

28 March 2016

Missionary life: our mission did amazingly good on finding new investigators this week, with almost 90% of our companionships reaching the goal that President Dayton set for us this week. We definitely saw miracles this week as a mission. We had a great zone conference this week and I got to reunite with some of the boys, and it was great. We have another zone meeting this week coming up and it should be good. Other than that, just living the dream and preaching the good word of God.

Normal life: nothing really … there was like a week long holiday here for Easter so things have been shut down a lot, including today when we needed to do our grocery shopping.  So, food is looking scarce. The Spaniards really love their holidays let me tell you.

Studies: I didn’t have a ton of time for studies this week because of traveling and all of the time spent setting up activities and what not, but I just wanted to share a scripture, Acts 14:22.  This scripture reminds us that it is through trials that we will enter into the kingdom of God. We have trials to test and shape us. We need to continue in faith through whatever gets placed in our path.

Shout outs: El Faro mission for hitting goals, Mom for being awesome, Dad and Nate for buying shirts with pumas on them, Dustin Family for the package, and Elder Dunn for cracking me up with his spelling.


Elder Turner

Elder Turner, Elder Dun, Bryan and the Sisters

Elder Turner, Elder Dunn, Bryan and the Sisters


graffiti of the week

Elder Turner with Lucky and Hellen

Elder Turner with Lucky and Hellen

Barc and Badalona Zone Conference

Barc and Badalona Zone Conference





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