All Good in Pamplona

1 August 2016

Noche de Hogar (FHE) Tie Failure:  So we were doing a family home evening lesson with a necktie where you need to tie a knot in the tie, but it’s almost impossible unless you know the method (this relates to prayer) and so I said “if anyone knows how to tie it already don’t do it.”  A boy went first and couldn’t tie it, so he hands the tie to his dad and then his dad, who already knew how to tie the knot, just did it. Lesson down the drain. Luckily I’ve learned a lot of lesson ideas so I just emptied my bag out on the floor, told everyone to close their eyes, and then put some stuff back in my bag.  They had to draw something out of the bag and then explain how that item relates to Jesus Christ or the Gospel.

Elder Mendoza’s Top:  All of the little kids here are obsessed with these little plastic tops you spin and do string tricks with, so Elder Mendoza caved and bought one and he always plays with it.  Before he throws it out he always yells “one of these” – super funny.

Piso FHE:  We started doing family home evening every Monday night with the four of us that live in the apartment and it’s pretty funny.  We give everyone an assignment each week. This week I have to give the lesson.

People Call Us Angels:  I think this is one of those moments that makes everything worth it … when we are talking with some old grandma who was converted to the Church and she starts talking about how much she loves the missionaries and what not and then starts to cry a little bit and with tears in her eyes says, “you are my angels.” Those moments just make me stop and think to myself about the impact that we missionaries have on so many people.

Cecilia’s Pics:  We met with a woman that the missionaries taught a few weeks back, and at the end of the lesson we ask if there is anything we can do for her, as normal, and she just goes off on this tangent about how Elder Mendoza and the previous missionary stole one of her pictures and how she won’t come back to church until she gets the back.  In the moment I was like “freak elder why didn’t you tell me this” but then after 25 minutes of accusations and us telling her that we didn’t have the missing pictures we left.  As soon as we walked out of the door, I turned to Elder Mendoza and muttered, “so you took her pictures elder?” and we both just cracked up.  We have decided we won’t go back until she finds her pictures because none of us have ever touched them.

Diego’s Food:  We got to eat with this old Spanish man – a picture of the food will be included. Enjoy, because you all know I enjoyed eating it. Use your imagination – that’s what we did. I’ll give you a hint, there are muscles, shells, octopus tentacles, and other surprises in there.

Ceviche:  We got to eat this classic Peruvian dish (Ecuadorians have one called the same but it is prepared differently).  Catch me living like Wyatt Turner over there in Peru.  It was super good – fish “cooked” by the acid of lemon juice, with potatoes and sweat potatoes and a salad and some other goodies. I guess I like sushi now.

Elder Mendoza Drinking Sparkling Water:  At one of our lessons, we got some “aguita” but it turned out to be sparkling water and I cannot describe to you Elder Mendoza’s face after he drank it – it really is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. His hand shot over his mouth and his whole body shook as he swallowed his first gulp. He was a champ and finished it all.

Hole in My Shoe: Classic.

Ping pong:  All of the youth from the Church started playing ping pong after an activity. Don’t worry I still got it people. UNDEFEATED. 😉

Elder Turner

Pamplona PamplonaPamplonaPamplona

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