Zone Conference in Bilbao

8 August 2016

Not much to write about this week cuz it was mostly a lot of traveling and meetings and what not. But here is what I wrote down …

Specialized Training – We had a meeting with our zone and the zone of Bilbao, another zone up here in the north.  I have a lot of good friends in that zone, so it was great. We needed to be there pretty early and there was no way to make it from Pamplona to Bilbao on Monday, so we had to go up on Sunday and sleep in the apartment of the zone leader in Bilbao. Their piso is super huge and set up to sleep a bunch of elders because anyone going through the north usually sleeps there before transfers and for meetings like this. So, there were about 16 elders in this piso.  It’s not big enough for that many though. It was super fun though because we were all just in the same room basically and we were talking about everything that has happened since the last time we had seen each other. Then we had a very inspiring zone meeting, as always.

Maté with the Michel – The Michel are a family from Bolivia, but the wife lived in Argentina for three years so she learned how to make maté during her time there. The husband grew up in the south where they drink maté normally.  We went over to eat at their house (some incredible and healthy food so it was SICK!) and it was super fun.  After dinner, they just whip out the maté and I got as giddy as a child on Christmas morning. We had a great experience, talking about life and the gospel. Pretty hard to explain if you have never really had the experience. Spain is so cool because there are people from lots of different countries here and we get the chance to learn about so many different cultures.

To anyone out there going through hard times, don’t let yourself get discouraged. Hard times are inevitable, but discouragement isn’t. Discouragement is like the irritant in the clam’s mouth that brings a pearl.



Elder Turner


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