Dance the Night Away

30 November 2015

So world, we started a new tradition here where we burn our old planners when the month is up.  I accidentally forgot to take my notes out of my old planner before we burned them and I totally forgot what I was going to say in this email – so, sorry if this is lame.  The key points that I do remember though are as follows:

🙂 We had a boss Thanksgiving dinner. Most of the zone got together and we had real American food prepared by some American couples who are here in Valencia for graduate school. It was not as good as the food that Big Nance would have made, but hey, it was definitely better than nothing.

😦 I had the scariest moment of my mission this week when I was dragged down the street and into the piso of a drunk Romanian gypsy. The dude had the firmest grip I have ever felt in my life. He put his arm around me and grabbed my shoulders then proceeded to pull me into his piso as he stuttered janky Spanish. Well, I scheduled a return visit with the guy for Sunday, needless to say we didn’t go.  (Check out Elder Moulton’s blog for more harrowing details)

🙂 We found three great women from Cameroon who are some of our new awesome investigators.

:/ Somehow, I got drafted to sing as a bass in the stake choir because there are only about 11 people in the choir.  No one here likes to sing, I guess. I’m definitely not a bass in case you were wondering.

🙂 Sunday night crepes. No words needed.

Well people – READ THE SCRIPTURES – the words written on those pages are literally God’s words to us, that His prophets have written down.

Christmas is coming!  #ASaviorIsBorn!  #HaNacidoUnSalvador

Elder Turner



It’s a Beautiful Dog … It Looks Like Aslan

23 November 2015

So I’m here in the Deep South … of the northern part of Spain… and it is super cool down here. Actually, it is really warm here in Valencia so I’m way stoked on that. I’ve been told that my new piso is the most expensive one in the mission so it’s basically luxury. The shower is really small though and that’s a bummer. Another bummer about this area is that you can’t drink the water, so it is like I’m in South America, right? We’ve gotta buy water from the grocery story now – gotta sacrifice to be here. But it IS the best area in the mission, I swear. I’m super amped on it.

We had a good week this week but not a lot of time to write this so I will have to keep it kind of bland and take out all of the fluff. We have found a lot of good investigators – big things are about to come out of Valencia in the next few weeks!  Having fun, working hard and loving life. Valencia, Spain is where it’s at people.


I haven’t said much about my new companion, Elder Moulton, but he’s super sick. He is from Seattle and he is just out of high school. He’s a hard worker and super motivated. He’s also like a bag of mysteries. Honestly, everyday something new and random comes out of nowhere. He says the funniest stuff at the most random times. Super classic. We have started two new traditions – movie night and Sunday night crepes. Elder Moulton makes boss crepes and he taught me how to make them so my future wife should be super excited about that. The crepes were amazing and while we ate them we watched a face-to-face event with The Piano Guys.

Eating ice cream with Elder Moulton

Eating ice cream sandwiches with Elder Moulton

We’ve had a bunch of dinner appointments with members which included a fan favorite – fufu. I love fufu. Maybe I was meant to go to Nigeria on my mission because I love fufu so much. JK – I was obviously supposed to come here … It is the best mission in the world after all (it actually is). El Faro for life!  Is that prideful? #oops.

Nigerian fufu

Nigerian fufu

I’ve been keeping up on reading all of the General Conference talks that are available online but I’m still just in 1971 because there are like 90 talks from that year.  I’m also reading the Book of Mormon (great book recommend it to everyone) and the New Testament. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and everything He went through so none of us have to go through it alone. When life gets too hard to stand, get on your knees.

"Californian" ice cream sandwiches

“Californian” ice cream sandwiches

Just a quick thing to all you members out there – you guys have no idea how much the missionaries depend on you. It’s not easy out on a mission and being allowed into a friendly house to have a quick lesson and maybe some good food is sooooo great. Also, the help we get from members is so important — references and all that jazz.  Please, just invite the missionaries in to your house this week, it could make their week, you never know.

Love you guys keep it real.

Elder Turner

New trainer meeting/dinner

New Trainer meeting/dinner at the mission home

Ecuadorean food

Ecuadorean food




Streets of Valencia