Elder Sedgwick

Vitoria Week Ten

Hey guys,

I love you so much. Working my hardest to make you guys and my Heavenly Father proud of me.

I just got the photo card reader and it worked so I will share some pics!

We had a zone meeting with President Dayton and his wife yesterday. Elder Sedgwick and I sang “Be Still My Soul” acappella for zone conference, so that was interesting.

Not many stories to share, just one short one. This past week we were walking the streets and passed by this guy outside a bar eating seeds.  So we sat down and talked to him.  I ended up eating all of his seeds so I bought him some more from the bar along with a bag of peanuts – they just sell big bags of nuts and seeds at the bars here. We ended up talking to him about a bunch of stuff for about an hour and a half and got a baptismal fecha with him. Anyways reminded me of eating peanuts at home with you guys and watching baseball on school nights ahaha.

I cut my own hair with scissors and it is pretty good ahahah. You will see in the pictures.

My spiritual message this week is simple. God is our loving Heavenly Father. He gave us his Only Begotten, Jesus Christ, to atone and pay the price for our sins so that we can live with Them as well as our families forever. Not only did He pay the price for our sins, but He took upon himself everyone’s pains, afflictions, addictions, and sicknesses so He could better succor us. So He could know exactly what we are going through at all times. I know that the atonement is for all of us and we can all use it no matter what situation we are in, and by doing so we will be closer to our Heavenly Father. Jesus is the Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, and He lives. Because He lives, we don’t need to be alone, ever, He is always there for us. I hope you find joy in this paragraph because I know it is true, and so can you. Pray and ask your Heavenly Father about it, you will receive an answer.

Thanks for all of the emails!

Get Buckets!

elder Turner

(editor’s note:  Sam sent a video of President and Sister Dayton singing their mission song during Zone Conference and I’ve uploaded it onto the blog – it is on the Mission Videos page)

elder Turner, elder Jones, elder Sedgwick and elder Cifuentes - the might Vitoria district missionaries

elder Turner, elder Jones, elder Sedgwick and elder Cifuentes – the mighty Vitoria district missionaries

Zone Conference with President and Sister Dayton

Zone Conference with President and Sister Dayton

Zone Conference

Zone Conference




The Bee’s Knees – Vitoria Week Seven

August 24, 2015

Not too much happened this week… Just the usual, nothing major to report. I’m still with elder Sedgwick in the same place and everything, but we got a new elder here in the area though like I said last week. He’s elder Cifuentes and he is companions with elder Jones.  Elder Cifuentes is from Argentina but he has been living in Madrid because he plays for Atlético Madrid.  He’s ridiculous … He’s a super good missionary too, I hear one of the best in the mish. We only speak Spanish in the piso so my Spanish will get better obviously. Our piso is nice – we have a study room for each companionship and a bedroom where we all four sleep – there is only room for our four mattresses on the floor.  We have two bathrooms, a living room with a couch and set up for a huge tv but we just put Books of Mormon and pamphlets there, and a small kitchen.

We eat like meat rice or pasta for every lunch and sometimes add fries and veggies of course. I like onions, who knew!? We don’t do dinner here which is pretty lame of Spain to do – we are the only mission that doesn’t get an hour at night for dinner, so sometimes I have some cereal at night.

Hmmmm not much more I can think of …. yesterday we drove out with the bishop to visit some recent converts at their house about 30 minutes away in a pueblo, and the sunset was ridiculous. Oh, there was a gnarly storm one day this week.  Out of nowhere, a 35 C degree day turned to a lightning storm with gnarly winds.  We were with a member, so I felt bad. It got so gnarly that I went to buy an umbrella, which the member ended up making me let him buy it (6€), and it broke like 10 minutes later…oh well.

I really started stepping up my prayers this week, so that’s one thing I have been focusing on. Reading the Book of Mormon like a fiend too. I also read a great talk, well a few, but the one I like was “Let Him Do it With Simplicity” by Elder L. Tom Perry. I really like the beginning part about him and his wife. One thing that has seemed to be in my studies a lot this week was families and building a happy home type things.

Apart from that it was normal week here. We have a lot of investigators and stuff, but nothing super cool yet.  A huge problem here is the jobs. People have to get jobs and they work on Sunday so a lot of our investigators and members can’t come to church… Which brings up a topic that elder Sedgewick and I were talking about which is faith/God’s will. Is it possible to be over confident in your faith?  God’s will is for us to baptize and he has the power to help our investigators (who are doing all they can) to come to church, but he doesn’t seem to be helping us right now – so what is he trying to teach us?

So, I’ve been doing a lot of pondering, but basically when it comes down to it I know whatever needs to happen will happen if I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, this applies to later life as well.  Basically I’m just learning things every day and growing so much.  Missionary work is so good and I love it so much. Every day is honestly a good day, one thing I learned this week along these lines was that the storms of life are inevitable. Everybody is going to go through hard times and have bad things happen to them, there is no getting around that. What we need to do is endure those trials, but we cannot simply “endure” them and think that it’s ok, we need to endure them with happiness. This is why I say it is possible to only have good days.  Yeah there will be hard days and there will be days you can classify as bad, but you can choose to look at the positives of that day and ask yourself what God is trying to teach you through the trials and challenges of that day.

On the contrary we can also have amazing things happen and have a lot of success, but something that we cannot do is neglect that it comes from God, we cannot think that we are the amazing one. He is. We cannot get prideful.  We see the “pride cycle” many times in the Book of Mormon, and every time the people get prideful, they lose their peace, they go against themselves, then their enemies overcome them, and soon everything they “had” is gone. Don’t let it take horrible things to humble you, stay humble through trials and triumphs. I hope those thoughts weren’t too jumbled.

This church is the true church of God on the earth today. There’s not much more that needs to be said after that, it means everything the church stands for is of God. I know the Book of Mormon has the power to change lives, it has changed mine, and I see it changing others all the time. I know that it can changes yours, wherever you’re at in life, the hardest times or the best times, not a member of the church or member of the church, reading the Book of Mormon will help you and change your life for the better.

Have a great week. Get some buckets!

Elder Turner

"Shout out to all my haters #buckets #nubsquad"

There Are No Bad Days

3 August 2015

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad day because I’ve learned something from every experience I have had.” Elder L. Tom Perry lived his life by those words. He said that he never had a bad day in his life. I admire him greatly. I also have really taken those words to heart. So far on my mission, I have not had any bad days, and I don’t plan on having any. I don’t plan on having any after my mission either. I don’t know why anyone would. True, there are hard days and there are hard times in our lives. I have experienced hard times on my mission probably every day; but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s been bad. Trials, challenges, and any type of difficult times have been placed in our lives so that we may grow. It doesn’t matter so much as to what happens to you in your life, but more what you do with what happens to you. We read in Hebrews that God chastened who he loves. He also tries us so that our faith and love can grow exponentially.

One way to get through hard times is to turn to Him and do what He would do.  What would he do? He would turn outwards. He would go help people and not think of himself. I know that through helping people we can, deep inside, feel better about ourselves. When we help people we help ourselves, and we can find true joy. I know this to be true because so far on my mission it has been all about other people. That is the reason why I came out here, to help people. To help them come unto Christ. I know that the moments where I think of myself are the only times I get down, and I realize it and change my thoughts and actions to someone else and I completely forget my silly little worries and experience joy.

There are so many great people here in Spain. The culture here in Vitoria is very diverse, and I’ve mentioned before that there are people here from all over South America, Africa, Spain, as well as neighboring islands. Elder Sedgwick and I have been having some really good times, and working very hard. The Lord has been blessing us immensely and placed a lot of very good, very ready people in our path.

This week I had one super sad moment when I thought I lost my chappa (his first missionary tag). Definitely the saddest on the mish so far – but I found it later that night . . . well other elders did.

Our water heater has been broken since Tuesday so I have been showering out of a pot of boiled water everyday . . . or just washing my hair, face, etc. with the cold water.  The water is colder than the Wedge in the winter.

We went to this restaurant owned by an investigator de Mex, authentic Mexican.  Got a pic I will send after this.  Oh, btw, I have no problem eating any foods anymore – mission blessings.

Oh yeah, one more thing . . . I made a life decision with Elder Sedgwick . . . We decided and made a pact that we will be New York Knicks fans for life. We bought jerseys to seal the deal. So, any Knicks news that comes up – keep me posted.

There is power in the Book of Mormon because it is the word of God, it truly testifies of Jesus Christ, and it is the truest book on this earth. It is the key to our religion and the key to happiness. If it is true, which it is, everything else is true. Jesus is the Christ, He lives, and He is the head of this church.

Elder Turner