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January 11, 2016

Classic moment of the week … so our sink wasn’t draining at all – water wouldn’t go down even a little bit. I’m not sure why they haven’t caught on to the garbage disposal yet here in Spain – those things are money.  #firstworldproblems.  Anyway, I’m sitting on the couch eating and Elders Hemeyer and Parker got the task of unclogging the sink since I did it last time. They decided to unscrew the drain from beneath and let it all go into a bucket. Well let’s just say it was basically a scene from Dumb and Dumber …and I knew what was coming, so I immediately grabbed another large bowl and ran to the kitchen. The first bucket was just about to overflow, the Elders were screaming, so of course I started screaming as well, put my finger in between my lips like Yaya does in Sandlot right when he sees “The Beast” and slapped the other bowl down there as the rest of the water gushed out. Then the fun began.  All of the food that had been clogging the drain was still in the bottom of this little filter thing (I’m guessing … I’m not really a plumber so I don’t know much about sinks), so I flipped the filter over and the madness just poured out. I honestly couldn’t even tell you what was clogging our drain, but I can tell you that after whatever it was crawled out of the pipe, all of us let out the most classic movie scripted gasps and cries. Needless to say our sink is now working properly.  We aren’t exactly sure if we put it back together right because sometimes it leaks on our pots down below, but hey, water goes down the drain now. I will probably attach a video of the animal that crawled out of our pipes, if I can.

This week in my studies … I found a quote that says, “there is a vast difference between viewing my sins as enemies that I’m trying with difficulty to separate from, and viewing my sins as old friends that I am reluctant to leave behind.” I feel like this quote is so real. Something that we get blessed with, being out here as missionaries of Jesus Christ, is a different way of viewing things. The things of the world lose their importance, the smallest sins and transgressions become rather large, and people are seen more for their potential that who they currently are. Like I said last week, none of us are perfect and we all sin. Whether it is a large sin or a small sin, it still makes us sinners. But that doesn’t make us bad people. A few people have said quotes that I’m drawing from, but I don’t remember who exactly what they said, but to paraphrase, they say a saint is just a sinner who keeps on trying.  To look at it from another viewpoint, a sinner is just a saint who messed up. Or how I like to see it, a saint is a sinner who is repenting, who is fixing themselves, but just can’t quite do it perfectly. We all have addictions, or problems, or vices, or challenges, or whatever word you want to use to describe sins. The difference is some of us view them as enemies, and some of us view them as friends. When we view our sins as friends, we find “comfort” or “happiness” in them, or worldly pleasure, a pleasure, comfort, or happiness that will not last. We get pulled back into them time and time again. Once we have that desire to change and are trying, really truly trying to change, we can start to see our sins as enemies and treat them as enemies. I’m not saying that this change in perspective makes it easier to overcome our sins. We aren’t going to be able to separate ourselves from them instantly, and it is always going to be an eternal battle to separate ourselves from them.  The difference in how easy it is to avoid and get rid of our sins depends on how we see them and how we treat them.

My miracle of the week … I see the Lord’s hand so often out here. One way that I see it time and time again is when He lifts me up. Missionary work is no small task, and it is not always easy, nor fun and games. Trials still come, and heartache comes along with it. So far on my mission so far I have been blessed with a lot of trials and heartache. Whether it is days going by where no one will give us even 30 seconds of their time to talk, or people that are progressing that for some reason or another cannot continue taking the lessons, or something basic like getting sick – hardships come. Perhaps the hardest thing is when someone doesn’t accept the message that you hold with such great importance, especially when you know that this message will indeed change their life. Whatever it may be, I know these hardships happen for a reason, that I’m supposed to learn something more important out here. Whatever the reason is, I have learned without a doubt that My Savior loves me, that My Father in Heaven listens to and answers my prayers, and that the Holy Spirit is always here for comfort. When times get hard, He lifts me up. I know without a doubt I wouldn’t be able to do this everyday and I couldn’t even wake up in the morning without His help.

Our service of the week … this part of the email is always really hard to think of because the people here are very independent and kind of stubborn. They don’t want to be served. It is honestly quite a frustration. We had a contest in our piso to see who could help the most people with their grocery bags and none of us were able to help any all week. Finally, after getting rejected and experiencing several weird looks and awkward moments, I got to help a lady carry her suitcase up the metro stairs. This might come off as a joke, but that is the service story for the week.

This week’s shout outs … go out to: the boys in my piso for trying to wash all their dishes, Maria for feeding me more food then I can possibly eat, Hawaii, the haters, big Nance for always washing my cereal bowls after I would leave milk and cereal in them all day, and to water for being so good.

Elder of the week … is THE Elder Moulton.  A solid 19 years-old and coming out of nowhere else but Seattle, WA, this Seahawk loves eating cheese at the cabin, Star Wars, and puns. In his free time, he can be found running in the mountains of Washington. There is never a dull moment with this guy around, honestly. If you ever need a laugh just ask him for a story, or point your video camera at him. You can write him at

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Elder Moulton

I’m going to start a new thing as well each week – Graffiti of the Week.



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