Spain Barrels All Day, Every Day – Vitoria Week Nine

September 7, 2015

So, this week I finally got your packages and lots of letters from grandma. I also received a letter saying that a package you sent didn’t make it through customs – I think it was the first one you sent maybe? What was in it? I got the box with the bag and little goodies inside – the bag is sick btw – coolest kid on the block.  Thank you so much.  I also then got the iPad case (I’m using it right now), the exercise bands, and two journals.  I am probably going to buy a suit and a sweater today so expect that.  Don’t worry – suits here are way cheaper than at home. Both of the sweaters you sent with me are really too small and it’s getting super cold here lately.

Not much happened this week really … pretty dry week for both of us.  We had a noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) with our ward this week and it was better than expected.  We have some really good members here -life is good here.  Oh yeah, I had my first day without elder Sedgwick this week – my first intercambio (exchange).  I kind of had to be the lead missionary because the elder I was with isn’t super strong in the language and is very timid, even though he has been out for a year.  It was a great experience though.

This week, my spiritual focus is on prayer. Prayers are so cool. They are an opportunity for us to speak with our Father in Heaven, the creator of universes and worlds, and THE greatest being.  He gives us the opportunity to just talk to Him. We can express our gratitude to Him, pour our hearts out to Him, ask Him for help, or just tell Him what is going on in our lives and how we are feeling about everything. For me it is an incredible blessing that we have the opportunity to do this. I know that there is power in prayers and when we pray our Heavenly Father is really listening and He wants to listen to us and help us with whatever thing we ask. I know prayer can change lives – I have seen it and I have experienced it. If you have not prayed before give it a try.  Just say something to Him – I know He is listening and He will answer you. If you do pray, maybe just have a conversation with Him and tell Him what is going on in your life.  He can and will help you if you ask, or He can just be a listener if you just want someone to talk to. One thing we can all try is to always keep a conversation with our Heavenly Father in our hearts throughout the day.  I testify that it will make your days better. Once we discover our relationship with Him, life will forever be different.

Well that is it.  Muchisimo amor y gracias!  Love you guys a ton, keep it real!

Spain barrels all day, everyday.

elder Turner

elder Turner and elder Sedgwick getting barreled

elder Turner and elder Sedgwick getting barreled


Getting one more barrel

elder Simple

hee hee