I Love It Out Here!

11 June 2015

There is not a lot of time to write – it is so hard to get to respond to everyone!

Well, everything here is great.  I am learning so much it is crazy!  I love it out here and I love everything that I’m doing! … And now my computer just erased everything I wrote … well I guess I will write it again with even less time …

Things are great – but the computers here are awful so my emailing is going to be pretty lame this week!! Spanish is coming along great! The weather has been perfect, SIKE!  It has been very hot and dry – I hate it.  But yesterday, it rained and then we had a thunderstorm last night and then it rained again today. We are going to the Real Madrid soccer stadium later today!

Well if I could tell all of you one thing it would be the God is real and He loves us. I know this to be the truth. I have felt him comforting me and lifting me up so much these past two weeks. I am so grateful for it. He loved us so much that He gave his Son, Jesus Christ, so that he would suffer and die for us. I know that Jesus is our Savior and Redeemer and that he and God love us more than any of us could imagine. I know that if any of you are struggling or need help or answers to even what you think might be the smallest thing that if you sincerely ask God, He is listening and He will answer your prayers. I know that if you do not believe in God or Jesus Christ that if you sincerely ask you will receive an answer.

Sorry this was so short this week.  I typed out several emails and they either didn’t send or they got deleted and I had to start over again. Love you all! Miss you guys a lot.

Elder Turner


My zone – Spanish, Portuguese and Russian speaking missionaries. We are singing outside of the Madrid Temple.


Teaching my first street contact – three days after arriving in Spain.



Lizard in the room - I guess I'm still in Hawaii.

Lizard in the room – I guess I’m still in Hawaii.


26 May 2015

Hey so I don’t have a lot of time. I get to email not this Thursday, but next Thursday.  I’ll write more then. Thanks for those email addresses. Not gonna lie – that flight was awful.  Thanks to my Arian looks the flight attendant thought I spoke German … but yeah the flight was long, I was super bummed, but once I landed in Germany and made it to the right gate I haven´t stopped smiling since.  MADRID BABY!

Love my family.  Love my Savior.  Love my God. This church is SIIIIIICC.  Email you in 9 days familia.

Elder Sam Turner


Spain Missionary Training Center

Spain Missionary Training Center