2 February 2016

We gotta switch it up this week due to transfers. I’m staying here in Valencia, but every companionship in our whole zone is changing.  Basically, it is going to be a whole new zone. My new companion comes in later tonight and his name is Elder House. He’s from Utah and I think that he was in the army before serving a mission.  I met him briefly in Vitoria a few times, but other than that I don’t know much about him. Just that he can do an insane amount of push-ups. Should be sick.

I saw the Lord’s hand this week … when we had an experience that was actually kind of funny as well as incredible. We met a kid this week that has moved here to be a nanny for a little while.  He’s from America and really doesn’t know much Spanish. We got to know him at church on Sunday.  Afterwards, he left to go find his car, that he had parked really far away. He didn’t know where it was.  Being new to the area, he had dropped a pin (in the maps on his phone) to mark the location where the car was, but his phone only had about 5% battery left. He called us and told us he was by a park and looking for his car and that his phone was going to die and shortly after he said that the call dropped and his phone died. The four of us set out to go find him. We went to where we thought he was and looked for him. I even stood up on a bench to try and see him, but I couldn’t see him. Then we decided to say a prayer together even though we all had said individual ones. We said the prayer and just after finishing, I stood back up on the bench and miraculously saw him for a split second before he rounded a corner. We booked it over to him, and after a lot of searching, we ended up finding his car. It’s kind of a funny story, but after we found him we all just looked at each other with disbelief. Surely an immediate answer to prayer – which is truly a miracle because answers don’t always come immediately.

This week’s shout outs … go out to Elder Moulton, the Fam, the snakes, and man buns.

Graffiti of the week …


Stoked to be out here serving Jesus Christ, He is the reason I have everything in my life. He is my rock, He is my Redeemer, and He is the Head of this work and this church. The Book of Mormon truly testifies of Him and along with it, the Bible will bring us closer to God and Jesus Christ. Make Christ your partner and you cannot fail. Love you guys – stay sick.

Slippery when wet,

Elder Turner






It’s the J

14 December 2015

Well guys sorry I haven’t written for two weeks, but we were short on time last week.  Here is pretty much all you need to know:

🙂 We got a new elder here in our piso who is from England and he’s lots of fun.

😦 Apparently I have grey hairs so I’m never getting married now.

🙂 My companion, Elder Moulton, eats all of the nasty yogurt and other foods that members feed us that are super sketch for me.  #BEAST

🙂 We bought water balloons, so our piso has been a little wet lately.

Other than that everything’s the same. We are coming up on the Christmas season and we are just hoping for a white Christmas – if you know what I mean.

Something that I really noticed and liked this week are the prayers given by the little children.  There is such a special feeling and spirit when a 4 or 5 year-old says a prayer.  It is probably super natural for them because not too long ago they were living with our Heavenly Father. Pretty awesome stuff.

Love you all.  Serve someone who needs it – and we all need it!

Keep it real and get some buckets!

Elder Turner

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Spain Barrels All Day, Every Day – Vitoria Week Nine

September 7, 2015

So, this week I finally got your packages and lots of letters from grandma. I also received a letter saying that a package you sent didn’t make it through customs – I think it was the first one you sent maybe? What was in it? I got the box with the bag and little goodies inside – the bag is sick btw – coolest kid on the block.  Thank you so much.  I also then got the iPad case (I’m using it right now), the exercise bands, and two journals.  I am probably going to buy a suit and a sweater today so expect that.  Don’t worry – suits here are way cheaper than at home. Both of the sweaters you sent with me are really too small and it’s getting super cold here lately.

Not much happened this week really … pretty dry week for both of us.  We had a noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) with our ward this week and it was better than expected.  We have some really good members here -life is good here.  Oh yeah, I had my first day without elder Sedgwick this week – my first intercambio (exchange).  I kind of had to be the lead missionary because the elder I was with isn’t super strong in the language and is very timid, even though he has been out for a year.  It was a great experience though.

This week, my spiritual focus is on prayer. Prayers are so cool. They are an opportunity for us to speak with our Father in Heaven, the creator of universes and worlds, and THE greatest being.  He gives us the opportunity to just talk to Him. We can express our gratitude to Him, pour our hearts out to Him, ask Him for help, or just tell Him what is going on in our lives and how we are feeling about everything. For me it is an incredible blessing that we have the opportunity to do this. I know that there is power in prayers and when we pray our Heavenly Father is really listening and He wants to listen to us and help us with whatever thing we ask. I know prayer can change lives – I have seen it and I have experienced it. If you have not prayed before give it a try.  Just say something to Him – I know He is listening and He will answer you. If you do pray, maybe just have a conversation with Him and tell Him what is going on in your life.  He can and will help you if you ask, or He can just be a listener if you just want someone to talk to. One thing we can all try is to always keep a conversation with our Heavenly Father in our hearts throughout the day.  I testify that it will make your days better. Once we discover our relationship with Him, life will forever be different.

Well that is it.  Muchisimo amor y gracias!  Love you guys a ton, keep it real!

Spain barrels all day, everyday.

elder Turner

elder Turner and elder Sedgwick getting barreled

elder Turner and elder Sedgwick getting barreled


Getting one more barrel

elder Simple

hee hee

I’m Working Hard – Loving it All

June 4, 2015

So, I have an iPad! Starting next week emails will be better because I can write as the week goes on and I can read emails too – I can just only reply on Thursdays.

Um, for starters – this CCM (Madrid MTC) is LUXURY compared to BYU-H. Shout out to my Hale Six boys, get buckets! The travel over here was brutal – I spent almost a full 24 hours traveling in a suit by myself. I saw a bunch of missionaries, Elders and Sisters, but I didn’t talk to them until after we landed in Madrid and I got my bags. We got to the CCM, but didn’t do much on that Tuesday. I couldn’t sleep the first night due to time difference, so I spent the whole night lying in bed thinking about what I was doing here, how long two years is, and how badly I wanted to go home. I finally fell asleep for two hours. Woke up the next day super stoked and have been pretty chill ever since and sleeping like a baby.

Wednesday, I got to talk with President Lovell, the president of the CCM, and he made me a Zone Leader. Wow! There are only 23 missionaries here – 7 going to Russia, 1 going to France, 3 going to Portugal, and 12 going to Spain. Six of the Spain missionaries are going to Barcelona.

Español is coming. I can say I have learned more Español here in these few days than my years of Spanish at Woodbridge. I’m still not fluent but I can converse and I can understand a whole lot, I just can’t always get my thoughts out completely. Pretty frustrating – but it has also only been a week. So I had been learning/speaking Spanish for just three days and then on Saturday they took us to the park to proselyte in Español. Wow. Needless to say, I didn’t baptize anyone yet, but it was a super cool experience. My companion was an Elder that is from Brazil going to Portugal. He speaks almost no English other than “Steph Curry, MVP” but we communicate super well, and he is one of my best friends here, along with an Elder from Australia – you all know my obsession with Australians. All three of us sit next to each other and actually we can communicate very well with the Elder from Brasil.

The Elders in our two districts, the Spain districts, are way sick. Not as sick as my Hale Six boys, but still all great guys. My companion graduated from high school less than a week before we got here. He is from Utah – I still love him, though. Side note: even girls here tell me I smell good … shout out Old Spice Aqua Reef.

Sunsets here are something else. The only way they could be better if the beach was here. Hopefully I get transferred somewhere where I can see a beach sunset. They’re still way sick. They happen at like 9:30 – it gets dark so late here it’s pretty sick!

Sunday was super sick. One of the most spiritual days I’ve had! I’m so stoked on the temple. We got to go last Thursday and we get to go tomorrow as well.

This has easily been the hardest thing I have ever done. Pretty much everything else in my life has been super easy and kinda handed to me. I’ve been super blessed. It’s crazy how seeing or hearing a thing can make us think about a person or place. I’ve noticed how much that happens being out here away from all familiarity. I thought I would come out here and forget everything back home and it wouldn’t be an issue. That is not the case. Sometimes it gets really lonely out here and I’m grateful for that because then I really notice the comfort I receive from my Heavenly Father. Just like the “Footprints in the Sand” says, when I am at my lowest I feel myself being lifted up out of the darkness. It’s incredible. It is in our human nature to feel surrounded by darkness sometimes. But God promises that he will never leave us.

Three things that I want to touch on are prayers, the spirit, and covenants. All of which are very cool. Prayer is awesome. It is literally having a conversation with God. You can tell him anything and he is listening. You can ask for anything and he is listening. Prayer brings great peace to my heart and praying allows us to have the spirit stronger in our lives.

The spirit is AMAZING. I get so so so so so so sooo much help and comfort through the spirit. The spirit is what helps me to make it throughout the day. I’m so grateful for the presence of the Holy Spirit, God, and Christ in my life. In John 14:18 Jesus says, “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” I can honestly say this is the truth. Another cool scripture on the subject is Galatians 5:22-23. It talks about the Spirit and the ways we can recognize it in our lives. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.” I think we sometimes expect huge signs and feelings when it comes to the Spirit. That is not the case. Doctrine is simple. Doctrine is fundamental. Doctrine is foundational. These fundamental truths seem to get obscured, that is why we need to read the scriptures. Having the spirit has helped me develop a huge love for everyone – people here, people at home, people I don’t even know. I just love them all because we are all children of God.

Finally, covenants. Covenants are sick because they are straight forward. They are a two way promise. God will not break his promises. If we do what we say we will do, He will do what he says He will do. I know this because I have asked Him for things knowing that I am following through with what he asked and I have seen, felt, and experienced those things coming true.

There is no way for me to send pictures yet which bums me out cuz I have taken some classic ones. I will work on that for next week. Grandma – I got your letter.

I’m working hard. Loving it all. Love and miss my family and I hope you all are doing well. I know you all are. Keep it real. Email me whenever, everyone. Thanks.

Elder Turner


Madrid Spain MTC (CCM) Basketball Courts


Madrid Spain Temple