I’m Living in Spain!!!! – Vitoria Week Eleven

21 September 2015

I’m living in Spain!!!!

Things that happened this week … Not a whole lot … This week was shorter due to conferences and things so there wasn’t much that went on, but it was still an amazing week!

We ran into this African guy that hated America because the Americans won’t help Nigeria unless they sign something? I’m not sure what he meant, and I definitely don’t have time for world affairs out here.  Anyway, he already knew Elder Sedgwick and knew he was American and he wouldn’t let Elder Sedgwick say anything since he was from America unless he told “his people” to fix Nigeria and the problems there. So, I told him I was from Australia and he told me I could preach to him. So, I gave him the good word of God. Pretty classic.

There are tons of Nigerians here and they are super fun to preach the gospel to. We always try to throw on Nigerian accent when we talk to them.  Mine isn’t that great, but Elder Sedgwick’s is super good. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t convinced an African or two that I’m from Nigeria.  It’s a perfect way to start a conversation and it is super funny. Of course I always ultimately claim my Southern Californian roots because, I mean, Southern California is the Promised Land.

It seems like every Spaniard and their dog feels obligated to try and speak to us with as many English words as they can – which is usually like three words. Elder Sedgwick and I always reply in Spanish – could be a pride thing, idk maybe we should fix that?!?

My spiritual thought for the week:

We all have talents given from God. I think we get too hung up on the talents we don’t have instead of the talents we have been given and the talents we can acquire. We aren’t supposed to have all the talents.  There are some we may never acquire, but that’s ok. That is why we have families, spouses, companions, friends, church groups/leaders and all forms of relationships. So we can work together and use all of the talents we have together to help and aid each other. If you think you don’t have talents you’re wrong. You’re looking in the wrong places.

A lot of our talents, or gifts from God, are taken for granted, over-looked, or may not even be be viewed as gifts. Some of these less-conspicuous gifts are: the gift of asking; the gift of listening; the gift of hearing and using a still, small voice; the gift of being able to weep; the gift of avoiding contention; the gift of being agreeable; the gift of avoiding vain repetition; the gift of seeking that which is righteous; the gift of not passing judgment; the gift of looking to God for guidance; the gift of being a disciple; the gift of caring and lifting up of others; the gift of being able to ponder; the gift of offering prayer; the gift of bearing a mighty testimony; the gift of listening; the gift of positivity; and the gift of receiving the Holy Ghost.

These are just some of many gifts/talents that you may have. The thing is these talents really are gifts which are given to us by the Lord. The word “gift” is of great significance.  A gift may not be demanded or it ceases to be a gift. It may only be accepted when proffered. Spiritual gifts are just that. We don’t get to choose them nor the conditions in which we may receive them. The conditions are established by our Heavenly Father. Spiritual gifts cannot be forced, for a gift is a gift. They cannot be bought, or earned. We are to live to be worthy of the gifts and they will come according to the will of the Lord.

Well until next time my good folks of America. There is no better life than the mission life. Super stoked to be out here and I’m really honored to be serving my Lord and my God. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and if you read it, it’s going to change your life. And if you don’t believe me, I’m not asking you to, go straight to the source and ask God himself through humble prayer. I dare you. Because I know without a doubt if you do that you will receive an answer, and if you follow this answer you will have the happiest life you could ever have. Love you all, keep it real.

Get Buckets!

Elder Turner


elder Turner, elder Sedgwick and Luis, one of our stellar new members

elder Turner, elder Sedgwick and Luis – “one of our stellar new members”